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Things to Do in Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh is a beautiful place wherever you may go you will meet to the breathtaking views. That’s a bit hard to compile a list of top things to do in Pittsburgh because there is every place is more than the previous visited one. However, let’s have a look at the 5 best things to do in Pittsburgh just below;

1. PNC Park

Things to Do in PittsburghIf you visit PNC Park, then you must visit the baseball stadium, it is well constructed, and wherever you have a seat you will get a worth seeing view of nature. To have a full walk around the park, you must have enough time to enjoy it fully. The entry price is also not as high as the quality of park is. The rough wind in the park is amusing but you should wear extra layers of clothing to move around the park freely. The stadium and its surroundings are worth seeing in the night even it gives better views than visiting the park in a day. The bridge view at night from the stadium is very beautiful, even the beautiful word is not so enough and cannot be expressed how was that.

2. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Things to Do in PittsburghThis attraction is full of historic sites and nature. The combination of historical sites and nature make the visit unforgettable and suitable for all ages. The display of the variant flowers will surely bloom your exhausted mind, and if someone in your family is in depression, then you must take her/him in this worth visiting place. The hues of nature welcome you to capture them on your cell phones. It is also recommended to visit Phipps when there is an exhibition. The night view is also beautiful that the lighting is very strong which never let you feel drowsy.

3. Mount Washington

Things to Do in PittsburghViews of the entire city of Pittsburgh can be seen through the Mount Washington. The views are amazing to see through the telescope. The kids would love using telescope there. You would witness the different breathtaking views of the Pittsburgh skyline. The views are worth seeing from the Duquesne Heights neighborhood. The photos are allowed to capture, but you can take photos when the weather is clear, not foggy nor rainy. After parking the car, walking along the road is so cool, but parking can be a little challenging if you stop at some restaurant.

4. Point State Park

Things to Do in PittsburghPoint State Park is located at the tip of three rivers, and the Ford Pitt museum is the nearest visiting place to go if you are into history as well as having some time. The lawn is spacious and the events are held there. The sky touching fountain is also worth to watch while sitting on the fountain boundary. The view of the well-constructed buildings and the golden colored bridge are also worth capturing the pictures for memory.

5. USS Requin

Things to Do in PittsburghIf you are into history and marine, then this is the best landmark for you to visit leisurely with a guide or after reading about the USS Requin on the internet. It is prior to knowing that if you don’t go with your own guide then you will walk long for hours self-guided. But the employees are very knowledgeable though, who can answer your questions with heed. If you ever wanted to be a Navy sailor then must enter the ships, every quarter of the ships is full of the U.S. Military History, and the interior is crammed that you can see the dials, levers, knobs more and more functions that you see in the movies or pictures. To make the visit time well spent, you must visit both the sub and the science center.


The Pittsburg is one of the beautiful cities. The listed top thing to do there is worth a visit. These are not only places to visit, there are more things to do in Pittsburgh such as; Forbes Field, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum, Pittsburgh Glass Center Studios, Randyland, Market Square and more. There is endless number of attractions in Pittsburgh.