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Welcome to “At The Woods Cabin”


The large cabin welcomes you with full-fledged amenities including fireplace, TV with dish network and all the Pittsburgh channels for the visitors who are a fan of Pittsburgh sports or the players, DVD player to enjoy the favorite CD, laundry with washers and dryers, shower with hot bathtub, and the clean and cosy bedrooms for maximum 12 people at the time. The cabin surroundings are worth watching, the sitting area outside the cabin is worth time spending.

At The Woods CabinAbout the Facilities

  • Smoking is not permitted in the cabin, but if you are addicted to smoking then you can smoke out the cabin there is a spacious area to walk freely. But still you are not allowed to through the tobacco pieces anywhere, it is better to trash in the bin.
  • The bedrooms are fully equipped with bed-sheets, pillows, comforts and of course the mattresses. The bed sizes are including, King size bed, Queen size bed, Day bed, full-size futon, full sleeping sofa, and 2 rolling beds are available in the well-built cabin.
  • We offer all the basic cookware and bedding for the maximum comfort and fine experience.
  • At The Woods CabinThe kitchen is also well equipped with all the basic needs such as fridge, stove, washing detergent and dishwasher.
  • The laundry room is also a fine with washer and dryer but the cloth washing detergent is not included so it is better to visit with own washing detergent.
  • Outside grill is available for having fun outside the cabin while campfire.

The Coyote and Wolves Reply

The cabin is surrounding with the trees, and grass in the ground that is also worth enjoying if you are affectionate with nature. If you are a Coyote or animal lover then you can ask the cabin owner to hear the response of Coyotes and Wolves which is also worth hearing. The Farmer's Inn is located at the next door so you can visit that too. We welcome you to our cabin for lodging if you are planning to visit Pittsburghand its other activity areas.

At the Woods Campground


We offer total 24 campsites, each of them is spacious where you can enjoy with the provided camper and picnic table. The camper is good for the 5 people (pets are not allowed in the Camper) who can sleep easily. The 30 foot Camper is really very adequate for having a better night's sleep after an exhausted traveling. Each site will be provided with a table and a fire ring.

At the Woods Campground

Extra Charges for Facilities

. The camper will be charged $60.00 per night.

. The table will be charged $75.00 per night.

Few More Things to Know

Each site has its own fascination and beauty. Each site offers the charm of nature in a unique way. You can enjoy the peace and hear the sounds of nature with your loved ones, and family members. The campsite can be enjoyed with the hammock, guitar, or a favorite book. We also offer the restroom for having a nap in any of the campsites with a fine showers. Everything will be provided neat and clean that you have a good atmosphere to breath. We prefer to provide each and everything of high quality, and we strive to make your each and every second enjoyable and unforgettable.

Camping In Winter – How to Stay Warm (Video)


If you love spending winter vacations in camping with or without family, you need an especial packing if the cold season is concerned. In the following video, you watch out how to keep yourself warm while camping in the night. Campfire is a common thing to do, but for enjoying a campfire, you will need pieces of woods to be warm in the fire. Let's see how the camper tells you to keep the cold temperature warm with the help of campfire.

Things to Do in Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh is a beautiful place wherever you may go you will meet to the breathtaking views. That's a bit hard to compile a list of top things to do in Pittsburgh because there is every place is more than the previous visited one. However, let's have a look at the 5 best things to do in Pittsburgh just below;

1. PNC Park

Things to Do in PittsburghIf you visit PNC Park, then you must visit the baseball stadium, it is well constructed, and wherever you have a seat you will get a worth seeing view of nature. To have a full walk around the park, you must have enough time to enjoy it fully. The entry price is also not as high as the quality of park is. The rough wind in the park is amusing but you should wear extra layers of clothing to move around the park freely. The stadium and its surroundings are worth seeing in the night even it gives better views than visiting the park in a day. The bridge view at night from the stadium is very beautiful, even the beautiful word is not so enough and cannot be expressed how was that.

2. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Things to Do in PittsburghThis attraction is full of historic sites and nature. The combination of historical sites and nature make the visit unforgettable and suitable for all ages. The display of the variant flowers will surely bloom your exhausted mind, and if someone in your family is in depression, then you must take her/him in this worth visiting place. The hues of nature welcome you to capture them on your cell phones. It is also recommended to visit Phipps when there is an exhibition. The night view is also beautiful that the lighting is very strong which never let you feel drowsy.

3. Mount Washington

Things to Do in PittsburghViews of the entire city of Pittsburgh can be seen through the Mount Washington. The views are amazing to see through the telescope. The kids would love using telescope there. You would witness the different breathtaking views of the Pittsburgh skyline. The views are worth seeing from the Duquesne Heights neighborhood. The photos are allowed to capture, but you can take photos when the weather is clear, not foggy nor rainy. After parking the car, walking along the road is so cool, but parking can be a little challenging if you stop at some restaurant.

4. Point State Park

Things to Do in PittsburghPoint State Park is located at the tip of three rivers, and the Ford Pitt museum is the nearest visiting place to go if you are into history as well as having some time. The lawn is spacious and the events are held there. The sky touching fountain is also worth to watch while sitting on the fountain boundary. The view of the well-constructed buildings and the golden colored bridge are also worth capturing the pictures for memory.

5. USS Requin

Things to Do in PittsburghIf you are into history and marine, then this is the best landmark for you to visit leisurely with a guide or after reading about the USS Requin on the internet. It is prior to knowing that if you don't go with your own guide then you will walk long for hours self-guided. But the employees are very knowledgeable though, who can answer your questions with heed. If you ever wanted to be a Navy sailor then must enter the ships, every quarter of the ships is full of the U.S. Military History, and the interior is crammed that you can see the dials, levers, knobs more and more functions that you see in the movies or pictures. To make the visit time well spent, you must visit both the sub and the science center.


The Pittsburg is one of the beautiful cities. The listed top thing to do there is worth a visit. These are not only places to visit, there are more things to do in Pittsburgh such as; Forbes Field, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum, Pittsburgh Glass Center Studios, Randyland, Market Square and more. There is endless number of attractions in Pittsburgh.

Reasons to Go With Swiss Army Knife In the Campsite


The campsite planning is one of the responsible tasks. However, the campsite is offered by the camping planners but they don't offer every facility. You have to go along some essential tools to make the trip peaceful and full of amusement. Here you are going to know how important can be one tool if you are camping with it.

What's that?

Reasons to Go With Swiss Army Knife In the CampsiteAre you curious to know, so let's break the curiosity; that's swiss army knife tool. The international famous stylish tool to have for indoor and outdoor activities. There are few reasons that how can be swiss army knife beneficial while camping in the campsite.

Benefits of Swiss Knife Having in the Camping

  • Reasons to Go With Swiss Army Knife In the CampsitOf course, you will have to prepare some meal to full your tummy. In order to cook food, you have to cut the cans or open the bottles or unseal the packaging, so you just need some kind of tool to perform the task. In that case, the Swiss army knife alone will be beneficial for you to continue the cooking process.
  • If you are camping at night and you have chosen winter season then you need a campfire to keep the nearby atmosphere little warm. To set on campfire you will have to collect the wood if your swiss knife has a torch in it so it is also worth having in camping that you need light urgently sometimes, and swiss knife tool can be easily kept in the pocket that you have no need to find at the time of need. You can take out from the pocket and have light within seconds.
  • In camping, somewhere you need of scissors, and if you have bought the knife that has a function of scissors then it is also beneficial that you will, of course, a need of scissors in many cases, such as to cut the tags from your new clothing, to cut the packaging of anything that is strongly packed and cannot open without scissors. Scissors is a common tool but the owner of the campsite will not provide you every little thing that you have at home, also it is impossible to provide everything that you have at home so it is necessary to have the swiss knife that has the highest number of functions. You can read out the reviews on to find out the best swiss knife for EDC.

Recommended Swiss Army Knife Tool

If you want to buy the knife which has the highest number of functions then you should buy the SwissChamp that it has 33 functions with the height of 1.3 inches, which is very fine to have in the pocket. If you are not satisfied with the weight of SwissChamp then you can prefer the Fieldmaster knife which has 15 tools less than half of SwissChamp but it has a necessary function that is also adequate to fulfill the camping needs.

Benefits of Having a Small Green House


If you have a spacious lawn, and you are into gardening, then you should prefer spending free time to do something beneficial and beautiful. If you have a final decision for planting in your leisure time or to be busy, then first you should know the safety actions that you are prior to doing. The important aspects of your plant safety are discussed below;

1. Save Plants In Winter Season

Benefits of Having a Small Green HouseOf course, as the universal truth is "excess of everything is bad" then it is also confirmed that the excess of coldness can damage your little plants. In order to save them, you should have a small greenhouse, if the plants are more and the small greenhouse is literally small for your plants then you can prefer the large one. But it is suggested that you go for the small greenhouse, that it is easy to watering and keeping an eye on each pot. However, the winter season can truly a damaging season if you live in the cold European countries because the greenhouse will save from the snow falling too.

2. Harvest The Vegetables Whole Year

If you want to harvest the vegetables the whole year from your kitchen garden then it is essential to keep them in a safe place, and there is nothing a better place than a greenhouse. The greenhouses are specifically built for the plants so that's the reason they are friendly for the plants. The shed keeps the temperature as much they needed, and it allows you to harvest the vegetables and have a fresh meal for your family.

3. Growing Tropical Plants

If you have a greenhouse in your lawn, then it means you have an opportunity to grow the tropical plants that are not common in your area. The Greenhouse for Outdoors, Ohuhu Large Walk-in Plant Greenhouse is worth having if you are serious about the kitchen gardening, and a beginner. This greenhouse lets you keep the plants in the 3 Tiers 12 Shelves Stands, which is average space for the tropical or non-tropical plants. If you are unhappy with this greenhouse then you can have a look at the compiled best small greenhouse listing to finalize the one easily.

Benefits of Having a Small Green House4. Keep The Butterflies Away

Butterflies beautify the charm of the garden though, but if the kitchen gardening is concernedthen you should keep them away from that they can damage the leaves. In order to save your plants, the greenhouse is a safer cage for your plants.

5. Save Money on Grocery

If you have grown a successful kitchen garden that allows you to harvest a healthy amount of vegetables for daily use, then you are the lucky one. Your passion is saving you money and offering a healthy life. Your family would be happy too that you are making the fresh meal for them, also saving money. Not only these benefits, even the atmosphere of the lawn enhances the freshness, and visiting in the greenhouse makes you proud when you are praised.


The greenhouses are worth keeping if you are into kitchen gardening. The material which is used to build the greenhouse is friendly for the plants to keep them protected from every bad weather conditions whether it is too hot or too cold. You should not worry about your darling plants because you have a shield for them in a face of greenhouse.